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Also known as tinplate iron, is commonly known as tin plating, tinplate refers to commercial pure tin of cold rolled low carbon steel sheet or strip. tinplate mainly from the role of preventing corrosion and rust. The tinplate strength and formability and corrosion resistance of tin soldering, and beautiful appearance with a tin material, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, high strength and good ductility properties.
Tinplate is not easy to rust, also known as tin iron. This kind of galvanized steel in a long time Chinese called "tinplate", some people think that the tinplate plate when the manufacture cans from Macao (English Macao for tinplate imports, readable) so called "tinplate". There are other statements, such as China used this lamp tin plate made of kerosene, shaped like a horse, so called "tin". The name "tinplate" not exactly, therefore, 1973 Chinese meeting tinplate plate has good tin plate, the official documents will no longer use the name "tinplate".
Tinplate applications is very broad, tinplate as food and beverage packaging materials to the oil tanks, chemical tanks and other miscellaneous cans, protect the advantages and characteristics of oftinned provide good content on the physical and chemical properties.
Canned food
Tinplate can ensure food hygiene, the possibility of corruption will be reduced to a minimum, health risk effectively block, also in line with the modern Tinplate packaging canned food
Tin diet conveniently and quickly, is the tea packing, coffee packaging, health care products packaging, candy packaging, cigarette packaging, gift packaging and other food packaging containers preferred.
Chemical tank
Tinplate material good strong, protective, not deformation, earthquake resistance, fireproof, is the best packaging material for chemicals.
The spray tank
Tinplate resistant to high temperature and high pressure of tin cans, especially suitable for high pressure filling the spray tank.
Dry mixed tank
The pot is changeable and beautifully printed stationery, cracker barrel and milk cans are tinplate products.
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