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tinplate coil

In the 0.10 ~ 0.32mm thick low carbon steel plate, the surface of a layer of pure tin and made of steel plate, commonly known as the tinplate coil.
Production method has two kinds of hot and electroplating. The hot plating method has a thick and uneven thickness of the tinplate coil, the tin consumption is big, the efficiency is low, so the tinplate coil heat plating method is gradually eliminated by the method of electroplating. The production of the tinplate coil has high productivity and low cost. The thin and uniform coating of the tinplate coil is thin and uniform. The thickness of the coating can be produced.
In addition, can also produce low single tinplate coil tinplate coil, tin content is 1g/m, but the necessary pretreatment layer or the tinplate coil tinplate coil postprocessing layer to increase the corrosion resistance and weldability, can to meet the process requirements.
The tinplate coil is widely used in the food industry and the manufacture of portable corrosion resistant containers.
Equal thickness tinplate coil:
Two sides of the same tin plating on the same cold rolled.
Difference thick tinplate coil:
Different cold rolled plating on two sides.
A tinplate coil after plating tinplate coil online tests, in the normal storage conditions, suitable for conventional painting and printing on the whole surface of the tinplate coil, shall have the following defects: the thickness of the steel plate through the pinhole; the thickness exceeds the standard deviation; concave pits, scars, wrinkles, rust and other defects on the surface of the impact on life; the shape defects have influence on the use of.
Two stage tinplate coil
The surface quality is lower than that of a tinplate coil, allow inclusion, wrinkle, scratches, stains, burr, indentation, burning surface defects or shape defects of small area obviously, does not guarantee that the whole tinplate coil can carry out routine painting and printing.
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