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Tinplate sheet

Tinplate sheet origin
The tinplate sheet originated in Bohemia (now Czech and Slovakia). Since ancient times, it is rich in metal, advanced technology, and know how to use the hydraulic machinery manufacturing, from fourteenth Century onwards began to produce the tinplate sheet. After the first World War, the army made large iron container (canned) and use this to.
Tinplate sheet development
Tinplate sheet packaging due to its good sealing, preservation, avoiding light, strong and unique metal decorative charm, which determines its packaging containers in the industry has a wide range of packaging, is the international general. Along with the tinplate sheet all kinds of CC material, DR material, the chrome plating iron unceasing rich, promoted the packing product and the technical development, the tinplate sheet packing everywhere is full of innovation.
Because of its strong antioxidant, and the style is diverse, the printing is fine, tinplate sheet packaging container by the majority of customers love, tinplate sheet is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, packaging, industrial packaging, etc.. tinplate sheet packaging container strength high, forming a good, good compatibility of the product and many advantages have been established in the international market a good reputation". Therefore, all countries attach great importance to this kind of packaging container, is the world's largest amount of a metal packaging plate.
According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, the thickness of the tinplate sheet, tin, mechanical properties, etc.. Since the beginning of the world, the tinplate sheet has been developing to the direction of the thinning. One is to use less tin, not even tin, one is to reduce the thickness of the tinplate sheet's substrate. The purpose is to adapt to the change of products and can reduce the manufacturing cost.
With the continuous improvement of the printing technology and the processing technology of the tinplate sheet, the tinplate sheet packaging is used more and more widely. Current domestic tinplate sheet production capacity continues to increase, the tinplate sheet imports will gradually reduce, in addition to some high-end products are still a small amount of imports have been basically achieved self-sufficiency. China's packaging industry demand for tinplate sheet metal packaging in quantity and quality are put forward higher requirements, so that tinplate sheet metal packaging into a new growth opportunity, the food industry's sustained and rapid development of tinplate sheet packaging container industry has brought a broad market space for development.
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